Champlain Regional CoP

The following testimonials from participating community hospitals show how CoP process played an important role in implementation of regional quality improvement projects.  The testimonials are extracted from the regional CoP Newsletter

“Members of our hospital team have been committed to attending the  regional  Communities of Practice meetings and workshops.  This offers everyone a unique opportunity to network and share information.  It also provides us with a chance to offer input into the establishment of regional standards of care for our patients.  These all have been critical steps in providing our patients with the comfort of knowing that they can and will receive that same quality care closer to home. “

“CoPs saved us a great amount of time in regards to the development of our pathways and patient information handout.  We obtained copies currently being used in other hospitals and were able to gather a great deal of information from them. It was also helpful during monthly teleconference calls, hearing the progress and learning the hurdles the other hospitals were encountering and how they were dealing with them. “

 “We are revising our internal hospital processes and implementing changes influenced by best practices from other hospitals. The patient teaching information has been adopted and standardized so our patients receive the same information as those seen at the academic centre.”


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