Transformational Change vs. Continuous Improvement

It may sound like sacrilege to hear someone say that continuous improvement may not always be the right answer. Of course, it is the core process of lean management. But, there are times when more significant and more rapid change is required – sometimes revolution rather than evolution is called for. Read more at:… Continue reading Transformational Change vs. Continuous Improvement

Obstacles to Innovation in Healthcare

Blog post by Colin Hung While there seems to be a great deal of both energy and discourse regarding the need for innovation in healthcare, the pace of care delivery model change would certainly not be characterized as hurried. -Roy Smythe MD @willsmythemd The opening to Dr Smythe’s post on Healthcare IT News sums it […]… Continue reading Obstacles to Innovation in Healthcare


Although collaborative improvement initiatives in health care have been garnering much attention in clinical and management literature, research into their organization and social facilitation is still underdeveloped.  This gap is significant because although it is a promising innovation, the model is difficult to execute and is yet to be proven effective. (Grimshaw &Eccles, 2004; Sheaff & Pilgrim,… Continue reading Introduction