Social Determinants of Chronic Disease Get NIH Attention

Two centers based at Michigan State University and Washington State University will share $20 million over 5 years to address health disparities of chronic disease. The funding is from the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  The NIMHD’s Transdisciplinary Collaborative Centers for Health Disparities… Continue reading Social Determinants of Chronic Disease Get NIH Attention

Transformational Change vs. Continuous Improvement

It may sound like sacrilege to hear someone say that continuous improvement may not always be the right answer. Of course, it is the core process of lean management. But, there are times when more significant and more rapid change is required – sometimes revolution rather than evolution is called for. Read more at:

Obstacles to Innovation in Healthcare

Blog post by Colin Hung While there seems to be a great deal of both energy and discourse regarding the need for innovation in healthcare, the pace of care delivery model change would certainly not be characterized as hurried. -Roy Smythe MD @willsmythemd The opening to Dr Smythe’s post on Healthcare IT News sums it […]… Continue reading Obstacles to Innovation in Healthcare

Transforming healthcare at the speed of trust

  The lit review on the results on hospital transformation projects revives an equal number of failures per each reported success. Why is it so hard? Why the healthcare is so resistant to the conventional industry business transformation approaches and change management frameworks that work just fine in aviation, exploration and other similar high-risk fields?… Continue reading Transforming healthcare at the speed of trust

The day when MBAs no longer have to answer to physicians —

A few months ago I wrote an article about a 28-year-old MBA who attempted to tell an experienced physician where to round first. The article was widely circulated and went a bit viral. Clearly, the scenario resonated with thousands of physicians across the country. It was interesting that afterward, I received many messages from various… via… Continue reading The day when MBAs no longer have to answer to physicians —

Doctors 2.0 and You: Key Messages in the “From Doctor to Futurist” Keynote

Originally posted on ScienceRoll:
Doctors 2.0 and You was an amazing event again! It collects all the experts, doctors, e-patients, pharma companies and start-ups in this area. I presented on the first day and gave the closing keynote on the second day entitled “From Doctor to Futurist”. Some of my key points: The future…