The day when MBAs no longer have to answer to physicians —

A few months ago I wrote an article about a 28-year-old MBA who attempted to tell an experienced physician where to round first. The article was widely circulated and went a bit viral. Clearly, the scenario resonated with thousands of physicians across the country. It was interesting that afterward, I received many messages from various… via… Continue reading The day when MBAs no longer have to answer to physicians —

Doctors 2.0 and You: Key Messages in the “From Doctor to Futurist” Keynote

Originally posted on ScienceRoll:
Doctors 2.0 and You was an amazing event again! It collects all the experts, doctors, e-patients, pharma companies and start-ups in this area. I presented on the first day and gave the closing keynote on the second day entitled “From Doctor to Futurist”. Some of my key points: The future…


Although collaborative improvement initiatives in health care have been garnering much attention in clinical and management literature, research into their organization and social facilitation is still underdeveloped.  This gap is significant because although it is a promising innovation, the model is difficult to execute and is yet to be proven effective. (Grimshaw &Eccles, 2004; Sheaff & Pilgrim,… Continue reading Introduction

CoP evaluation tool

The CoP evaluation process is structured as inclusive and systematic. Iterative performance data feedback provides a mechanism to monitor changes in care processes and practices across regional hospitals.  Other CoP evaluation measures do not assess the impact of intervention on patients’ outcomes but provide an assessment of the likelihood that the intervention will achieve its… Continue reading CoP evaluation tool

Champlain Regional CoP

The following testimonials from participating community hospitals show how CoP process played an important role in implementation of regional quality improvement projects.  The testimonials are extracted from the regional CoP Newsletter “Members of our hospital team have been committed to attending the  regional  Communities of Practice meetings and workshops.  This offers everyone a unique opportunity to network and share… Continue reading Champlain Regional CoP